message, n. ‘me-sij
a piece of information that is sent or given to someone
an important idea that someone is trying to express in a book, movie, speech, etc.
a communication in writing, in speech, or by signals
an underlying theme or idea
mogul, n. ˈmō-gəl
a bump in a ski run
series of bumps on a ski run or path
a great personage

Message Moguls Inc. is a media relations and publicity firm based in Vancouver B.C. that offers you specialized services with the exceptional personal attention that only a boutique firm can provide.

We are focused on protecting your reputation and ensuring your message is presented in the most positive and effective way.  We generate exposure and awareness for your brand, project or event. We help you receive media attention when you want it, and navigate through it when you don’t.

We have assisted politicians, non-profits, corporate clients, events, artists, and individuals with short or long-term publicity and media relations guidance.  When you need us, we are available 24 hours a day, every day, without you incurring the cost of a full-time employee.

Services We Provide

Publicity & Media Relations Support

We will deploy strategies that will get your message noticed.  Then we will respond to and/or prepare you and your staff to respond to media requests and monitor the results.  Whether you are looking for short-term or on-going publicity support for a brand, product or event, we can help.

Media Interview Training

We provide training for you and your staff on how to effectively respond to media inquiries, prepare for media interviews, and generate positive media coverage through the writing and distribution of news releases and more. Our training can take you through the basics all the way to the “Grouse Grind” of media interviews.

Crisis Management

We have provided many organizations and individuals with Crisis Communications training for their staff, or have acted on their behalf in responding to highly negative situations that have, or are likely to receive unfavourable media attention. Whether you are new to media relations or a seasoned professional, we help you to respond to and counter negative or inaccurate media reports and coverage.

  • A very insightful and skilled person with a large reach in networks and talent in communications, events and analysis for identifying key issues and solutions. A gift to focus in very busy work environments and communities and able to produce successful actions to meet goals. Yes, contact her, she can help you!!

    David Northcott Executive Director at Winnipeg Harvest Inc.
  • Jacqueline is a visionary. Her global thinking is completely matched by an integrity and the abilities to expertly and professionally manage the path required for job/project success. I've known Jacqueline for over 10 years and without a doubt can say that it is her talents that have directed my art career on a trajectory to success. My art is now featured in galleries coast to coast and the work is found in 8 countries around the world.

    Shirley Elias Artist
  • Jacqueline and I worked together at the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. She was a great pleasure to work with: efficient, imaginative and personable.

    Don Anderson Writer and teacher on classical music and film
  • Jackie's help was invaluable when I launched my first campaign for public office.  Her media relations guidance and instruction took me from being apprehensive about media interviews to the Speaker's chair on council.

    Councillor Devi Sharma Speaker, Winnipeg City Council
  • The team at Message Moguls Inc. provided us the resources to address a challenging stakeholder situation.  The training to cope with media confrontation was invaluable! Their professional advice enabled us to address the ambiguous mood, provide reasoning for the current situation and present a confident action plan for the future.  This training is a necessity when pursuing a career involving high pressure situations and media relations.    

    Amanda McMullan Former Vice-President Internal, University of Manitoba Students' Union
  • When I started my communications career, Jackie was the first professional to give me advice, and years later I still use her tips when crafting news releases or speaking notes. She is a media relations expert, with proven experience crafting creative and engaging content that leads to earned media. Any organization would be lucky to have her in their corner.

    David Koroma Communications professional
  • "After I was nominated for two prestigious hair awards, Jackie was proficient and speedy in generating a buzz both online and in print.  This press and messages delivered helped raise my professional profile and help me to generate new clients.  She is easy to talk to, confident in her abilities, and a pleasure to work with.  I would highly recommend Jackie and Message Moguls for any Publicity requirements you have and look forward to working with them in the future."

    Thom Robins Canadian & North American Hairstylist of the Year
  • "Jackie Adler spoke at a community event at our firm on “Accessing Powerful Media”. The feedback we received from client’s was very strong - she was informative, clearly very experienced and delivered practical advice. I would not hesitate to recommend Jackie to anyone needing support with their public relations and media strategy."

    Geoff Dittrich Lawyer, Segev LLP

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